Unveiling Precision and Efficiency: A Closer Look at QTech’s iQ Series 3 Airless Sprayer

Unveiling Precision and Efficiency: A Closer Look at QTech’s iQ Series 3 Airless Sprayer

Nathan Cumming

Academy Business Executive

QTech has once again raised the bar with the introduction of their cutting-edge QTech iQ3 airless sprayer. The iQ Series 3 airless sprayer is designed to revolutionise the painting and coating industry.

Precision at Its Core

One of the standout features of QTech’s iQ3 airless sprayer is it’s unparalleled precision in paint application. The advanced technology integrated into this airless sprayer ensures a consistent and even spray pattern. Whether you’re tackling intricate projects or covering large surfaces, the iQ3 guarantees a professional finish with every use.

Smart Technology Integration

As the name suggests, QTech’s iQ3 airless sprayer stands out in the market due to its integration of smart technology. Namely the IPT system (Intelligent Pressure Technology).The pump is well disguised as any other airless spray unit, but the flow of paint is constantly being monitored and relayed back to the motor on how hard or easy it needs to be working, so you can always spray at the lowest possible pressure without the dreaded pressure drop. It’s not uncommon for some airless sprayers to drop 400-1000psi once the trigger is pulled that results in an inconsistent fan pattern and uncontrolled, excessive paint build-up on the surface, whereas the IPT reacts instantly when there is a need to build pressure rather than let it drop to a certain point before building back up. This level of control enables the user to achieve efficient paint transfer, consistently.

Enhanced Efficiency

This efficient technological design minimises material wastage, contributing to cost-effectiveness and eco-friendly practices by both saving on paint by reducing overspray and prolonging the lifespan of the piston and packings by up to 300%!

User-Friendly Construction

At QTech we always prioritize user experience, and the iQ3 reflects this commitment with its user-friendly design. The pump is available in both a Carry or Hi-Cart.

Versatility Unleashed

Whether you’re a professional painter, contractor, or DIY enthusiast, the iQ3 caters to a wide range of applications. From interior walls and exterior surfaces to kitchen resprays and furniture. This airless sprayer adapts to various coatings, including emulsions, enamels, stains, and more. It’s versatility positions the iQ3 as a must-have tool for a diverse range of painting projects.

Durability and Longevity

The high-quality materials and robust construction ensure longevity, providing users with a reliable and durable airless sprayer.

QTech’s latest innovation represents a leap forward in airless spray technology. The main focus of the iQ Series 3 is on precision, smart technology integration, versatility, and durability. The iQ3 sets a new standard in the industry. It’s time to invest in yourself and embrace the future of airless spraying delivering only the best results every time.

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