Yes, you can.

Once again, it comes down to the tip you’re using. This cannot be stressed enough. The sprayer pushes the paint down the hose to the gun. The trigger allows the paint to pass through the gun to the tip. It’s the tip that has the final ‘say’ in how the paint is applied. Here’s a quote from a professional decorator who uses a TriTech T5.

My favourite part about the TriTech is the Ultra Finish Tips (Gold). The result on woodwork with these tips is unreal, even when spraying at low pressures. The spray fan is so soft and controllable for an airless.

Notice that it’s his favourite part about the TriTech.

So what are Ultra Finish Tips?

In a conventional tip, the paint is atomized once. In an Ultra Finish Tip, it’s atomized twice. It’s this that gets that Ultra Finish, even when working at lower pressures. With a little practice, you can achieve total control, with virtually no overspray. And that’s with today’s water based coatings.

What tip size should I go for?

Very much down to your personal choice, but here’s a few guidelines. The first digit of a tips number relates to the fan width. So, if it’s 1, you’ll get a 2” fan. 2 will give you a 4” fan. That bits easy, you’ve got it already. The second and third digits are the size of the orifice in thousandths of an inch. For instance, 12 is 0.012”. Some paint manufacturers give you a guide on this. For most coatings you could be using on trim you should get good results using a 10 or 12.

To summarise, we’d recommend you start with a QUF-210. This will give you a 4” fan, so well suited to most trim. The 0.010” orifice won’t allow too much paint through – great for getting started with.

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